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Hair Loss Solutions with Sequence®

There are many different hair loss solutions available. One of them is to get hair extensions. There is a company based out of New Jersey that has developed a system for attaching hair to cover hair thinning and hair loss areas of the scalp.

Typically your hair needs to be several inches long to attach most methods of hair extensions. If you have hair thinning or loss issues, it may be very difficult to get regular hair extensions because of the short length or thinning of your hair.

Dino Dondiego, founder of Sequence® Hair in New Jersey, has invented a whole new way of attaching hair to the human head. It is so different from typical extensions that it is called by a different name - Sequencing®. Dondiego has studied all conditions of hair loss, fine hair, hair shedding, hair textures, hair growth and growth patterns since 1975 until the present.


The system of Sequencing® starts with a Blending Strand® - the secret component involves painstakingly feeding only one human hair at a time onto the shear transparent Blending Strand®. The human hair added is a high quality hair from different parts of Asia, Russia, Italy and other European areas where the highest quality hair is found. The Sequencing® hair is put through a quality control check developed by DonDiego. Because of the quality of hair, the system can last an average of 3-4 years. This is an important consideration when comparing costs among other hair extensions methods. Some hair extension methods require brand new extension hair each time the extensions are adjusted. The costs for replacing the hair can be expensive.


Photo left, Client before Sequencing®

Photo Below, Client after Sequencing®


Some methods of hair extensions can cause stress on the roots because of the heavy weight of human hair extensions. The extensions can be groups or clumps of hair glued together.

Because the single hairs are evenly dispersed with the Blending Strand®, the stress on the natural hair is lessened to very low degrees therefore creating a much higher degree of safety to the client's own hair.

Dondiego also invented an invisible method of attaching the Blending Strand® to the natural hair. His attachment method is called Strand-Locking. This method is performed with a unique filament called a Re-Find Blending Strand®. A Re-Find Blending Strand® is actually finer than the Blending Strand® where a single human hair is attached one at a time. The Re-Find Blending Strand® is then attached to the client's hair shafts using a very unique method that is called Flex-Lock.

Because the Re-Find Blending Strand® is as fine or finer than one single human hair and the Flex-Lock attachment can be done on a minimal amount of the clients' hair, the length of the client's hair doesn't matter. For example, if a client has an area of severe hair loss with 1/2 inch of hair length, the Sequencing® method of attachment can be done. Also Sequence® will work with any hair loss or hair thinning situation, including chemotherapy clients, any form of alopecia, trichotillomania, fine limp hair, hair needing a rest from chemicals and just for extending the hair length. Dondiego comments, "We are thrilled to say that Sequence® does not have to turn down anyone with any hair situation. It's all due to the Blending Strand® invention, which is exclusive to Sequence® Inc.

The unique attachment process that Sequence® Hair offers allows for people with hair loss, hair thinning to get a solution that won't further damage their hair. Other hair extension methods or weaves involve using some sort of bonding glue and chemicals on the hair to attach the extensions. Removal of the hair extensions can result in damage to the hair since glue is typically broken down to a certain point. Typically any remaining glue must be pulled or scraped from the hair, often causing breakage, damage or hair loss.

Because of the unique nature of Sequencing® , Dondiego says that all hair stylists must go thru one month of technical training before they are certified to go behind the chair and service clients. Sequence® Hair also offers virtual consultations for anyone interested. For additional information and pricing, visit

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